I’ve been a creative in advertising for over 20 years. Since graduating from the College for Creative Studies in 1988, I’ve worked as an art director on a wide array of accounts including Jeep, Coca-Cola, Iams Pet Foods, 7-Eleven as well as co-creative directing Michelin, Chevrolet, Carrier, Owens Corning and USAA.

I believe in working with strategic planning early on to ensure a strong foundation for creative work. Great work only comes from great insights and strategies. Otherwise you’re just gilding a turd. Yes, I said that.

I have a lovely wife, a wonderful stepson and 3 dogs that don’t look like they go together. In my spare time I create multi-media sketchbooks. In 2008 I had a one-person show at the Riviera Gallery in Brooklyn that featured prints of hundreds of spreads.